Monday, June 16, 2008

It has been awhile

Here are some gifts that I made for the boys teacher as an end of the year thank you. We had two wonderful teachers this year.

I wanted make something small for the teachers that I know that they could use. For one teacher I made this altered paint can filled it with foam stickers (the teacher calls them smartie stickers and the kids love getting them - so I decided to restock her for next year). The flowers are attached to pencils covered in green paper. I figured she could always use pencils and I needed stems.

I wanted to take a picture of this before I wrapped it along with the card, but of course I forgot and the card was inside the package.

My older son told me that his teacher would give them treats every once in awhile for getting correct answers, so I figured I would make her a jar filled with smarties instead of the bag she uses. For the bear I actually used my silhouette and cut out a paper piecing pattern and pieced it together.

Here is one of the cards I made. (The other card said #1 teacher also and it was placed on a chalkboard - I really liked how that one turned out and wished I had taken a picture.)

I have more stuff to post and will over the next few days.

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Anna M-W said...

She's ALIVE!

I'll be expecting one of those gifts for my birthday at the next QK meeting.

Don't forget to make an extra card for me! I'm almost done with my swaps!