Friday, March 07, 2008

my boys

I am such a lucky mom. I have two wonderful, sweet, caring boys who are my world.

Dylan, my artist, was picked as Student of the Month for February. It meant so much to him. The coolest story goes with this.

Dylan loves art and loves going to school on Wednesday's because he has art that day. One morning last week I bumped into his art teacher and I stopped and introduced myself and told him how much Dylan just loves having art with him. Then he told me that he just nominated Dylan for Student of the Month and had the paper in his hand and was going to turn it in. How cool was that, his art teacher is new to the school this year and I have never talked to him. What are the chances that the day that I stop to talk to him is the day that he had wonderful news for Dylan. It meant the world to Dyl that his art teacher was the one that nominated him.

Brandon my athlete. He is playing baseball again this season. He is on the Red Sox (he really was hoping to be on the Yankees -maybe one season). I took one of his pictures from baseball and painted it (on the computer of course). I am having the hardest time learning Corel Painter, but I am determined to master it.

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Anna M-W said...

Your boys are GORGEOUS! You are going have some time with them when they get older with all the girlies!